3 Social Media Apps for Businesses


3 Social Media Apps for Businesses

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3 Social Media Apps for Businesses
As you probably already know, having a social media presence is almost critical for any business to succeed in this fast paced environment. What businesses are doing now is creating their own social media websites for internal usage and/or opening it up to help service customers.

Why Use a Social Media App

These established social media apps will help make the process easier to manage, and you can start seeing your employees have more fun on the job while increasing their productivity and customers being more satisfied with the improved communication. Another big advantage is crowdsourcing which improves your products and services from the customers direct input. You can give your customers and potential customers a way to share their thoughts, ideas, and interact through easy to set up blogs, Q&A sections, or forums. Lastly these social media apps also give you complete analytics on your traffic to better assess trends and customize the customer experience.

1) DNN Social

DNN Social lets you take full control of your audience on your terms, and on your site. Unlike a lot of other social apps, with DNN Social there’s no unrealistic per-user fee, and it’s very flexible to your specific business needs (especially if you already use DotNetNuke as a content management system). You can also easily just make it an 
internal-only community to increase communication.

2) Yammer

Yammer is another one of the leading social apps for businesses. What separates Yammer apart is that it places a big emphasis on being private and only invited members can have 
access. Which means less customer interaction, but customer service is a big reason people implement communities in the 1st place. Yammer also has a pay per-user model but since its emphasis is on internal that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

3) Jive

Jive is one of the more well-known software companies for social apps, but it may not be cost-effective for smaller businesses. Jive requires a private cloud which is a big add-on expense to handle, and it also has the pay per-user model. When your community becomes a success that is going to become very expensive to run.

If you're looking to establish a social media app for your business’ website whether it’s for internal use or customer service we highly recommend DNN Social. One thing that’s true for all of these apps is your employees (including you) must start using them for it work.

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