B2C Marketing Automation Advice


B2C Marketing Automation Advice

admin   •   Marketing Automation   •   Aug 21,2013
B2C Marketing Automation Advice

More and more businesses are making the transition to B2C marketing automation software to improve their efficiency and earnings. In the modern world of customer interaction, it is important to have regular and planned communication with your customers in order to be successful. Marketing Automation software can help you automate this communication on your websites, social media channels and perhaps more importantly through email. Approximately 82% of customers will open your emails, so if you aren’t using marketing automation software to learn about your customers and test your marketing strategies, you are leaving significant revenue on the table. The rest of this article will help you integrate B2C Marketing Automation into your business in an effective manner.

The Same Principles Apply

You don’t necessarily have to scrap your current marketing plans, just find ways to automate them and then improve upon them later. Remember that the customer shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your manual time consuming communications and your automated efforts if you do things well.

This means that you should still be using the same basic principles to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible. For example, with email marketing you should spend a lot of time on your subject line because it’s been found that 64% of people open emails solely based on the subject line. Also, short concise subjects are better received by customers, with subject lines under 10 characters having an impressive 58% open rate. The great thing is, once you’ve done the hard work, then you get to plug in the results into your marketing automation software and reap the benefits.

Begin as Soon as Possible

You may not think automation is necessary if you only have a small or medium list of customer contacts today, but this thinking is short sighted. Marketing Automation software like Silverpop will not only improve your results, but more importantly save you time managing all your marketing platforms, which can be substantial with time consuming tasks like email.

Now think about how you can re-invest this time to help improve revenue. In most businesses you can spend this time focussing on growing your email list. This effort typically has a great effect, and when you consider the the average email marketing return is $44.25 for every $1 invested, you are essentially leveraging your time.

Email Marketing Growth

Email marketing is a long term investment. The more work you do up front the faster your business will grow. As a whole email marketing grows on an average of 10%. If you want to grow your business, email marketing and marketing automation makes a whole lot of business sense.