Evoq Social for a Social Networking CMS


Evoq Social for a Social Networking CMS

admin   •   , DNN, Evoq Engage   •   Apr 29,2014
Evoq Social for a Social Networking CMS

Developing a branded community on your company’s website is now crucial for acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and gaining more insight into your user base. A community on your company’s website can be used for customer support, lead generation, and conducting market research. A highly recommended social networking CMS to develop your branded community is Evoq Social from DNN

3 Reasons to Choose Evoq Social

In just three short months, one Evoq Social customer achieved the following improvements in site metrics:

  • 54% increase in page views
  • 39% increase in unique visitors
  • 35% increase in page views per visits.

3 More Reasons to Choose Evoq Social

Here are several benefits of choosing Evoq Social for your social networking CMS:

  1. Anyone can use it — Evoq Social is specifically designed so it can easily be used by anyone. The user interface is highly intuitive and can be quickly adopted. 
  2. Plugin Library — The DNN Store (store.dnnsoftware.com) offers a huge selection of plugins to quickly and easily extend the capabilities of your website. 
  3. Affordable in the long run — One of the most attractive things about Evoq Social is the licensing model, as it doesn’t charge you per user like other social platforms. Rather, it has an annual server subscription model with multi-year discounts. In the long run, this will help significantly reduce costs as your community grows.

Evoq Social for members

Understanding how your users interact and feel about your branded community on your website is critical. While Evoq Social is feature-rich, several features in particular help users stay engaged and visit your website repeatedly. 


The gaming mechanics of Evoq Social reward the members on your site based on whatever metrics you set. For example, if a user posts an update, responds to a blog, or participates in a discussion, they can be rewarded. Rewards can be things such as earning reputation points, being featured on the “leader board” or gaining special access to other social-enabled areas of the website (where you can give away more rewards if you choose to). 

Activity Streams

Activity Streams are a standard feature with any social media website such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Evoq Social allows your members to have their own profile and post status, along with images, video and documents.

Groups and Discussions

Members can setup their own groups and participate in discussions with other members who share a common interest. 

Document Management

The Digital Asset Management module is available in Evoq Content, Evoq Social’s content management counterpart. However, by including this feature into your social community, you gain the ability to allow users to manage their own documents or collaborate on documents with other users. You now have the power of a “social intranet”, where users cannot only access useful information, but can communicate and collaborate socially. 

Building a community on your company’s website can help with customer support, lead generation, and conducting market research. Evoq Social incorporates specific features that make it faster to implement, easier to use, and more cost effective than other social networking CMS solutions. For more information, please visit DNN’s website (http://www.dnnsoftware.com).