Now is the Time to Get a Mobile Website


Now is the Time to Get a Mobile Website

admin   •   Mobile   •   Jul 9,2013
Now is the Time to Get a Mobile Website

It seems like just yesterday that smartphones and tablets were the latest fads in technology, except that they have proven themselves not as fads, but as integral parts of our lives. We’re going to look at some shocking statistics in this article about mobile web usage that will most likely make you see how important it is to get a mobile website.

Smartphone Ownership is Soaring

A recent study showed that 56% of U.S. adults own smartphones. The 56% figure only included smartphones and not tablets. This impressive figure is predicted to rise for years to come, making mobile website compatibility a primary issue. After all, teenagers and children use mobile devices even more than adults. These kids are setting the trend for the future.

People Like Browsing on Mobile

A reasonable assertion at this point is that while people own smartphones and tablets, it’s unlikely that they prefer to use them over a laptop or desktop right? Wrong, Pewinternet found that 25% of users do most of their browsing on their mobile device. This statistic dates back to 2011, so just imagine how much it has grown.

But People Still Spend More Time Browsing on Laptops Right?

Looking at web browsing as a whole, 20.2% of all web browsing is on mobile devices (source). What this tells us is that the people who do most of their browsing on mobile devices use those devices almost as much as people who use their laptop/desktops as their primary browsing tool.

What Does This All Mean?

Clearly mobile browsing makes up a significant portion of all web traffic, and possibly up to 25% of your clients could be leaving your website because it isn’t compatible with their devices. Keep in mind that this figure is rising every day, which should hopefully drive home the point that you need to get a mobile website now if you don’t want to leave money on the table.

How to get a Mobile Site

You have 2 options to get a site that’s suitable for mobile visitors. First, you can make your current site responsive, which basically means that it will scale down your site content and have it dynamically respond to the screen dimensions of the mobile device. While this is a popular option, scaling desktop content to mobile devices may not be the most desirable or user friendly approach. Mobile devices have screens and interfaces that are quite different from a standard computer, so a custom mobile website may better serve your visitors. This approach will incorporate a completely different design approach, and may only incorporate a small percentage of your desktop content with a more streamlined interface. 

A good mobile website designer should advise you of all the pros and cons of each approach, including price. Then you can make the most informed decision based on all the different factors. Stay tuned for more articles about the pros in cons in greater details. Until then, thanks for reading!

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