See How Easily You Can Build a Social Network Site


See How Easily You Can Build a Social Network Site

admin   •   , Evoq Engage   •   Jun 18,2013
See How Easily You Can Build a Social Network Site
Social media marketing allows you to connect with your existing or potential customers in a way that was not possible just a decade ago. While relatively new, incorporating social media into business websites have resulted in not only more sales from the increased traffic to your business's website, but also reduced customer support costs and a host of other benefits. An established (and growing) 47% of social media users engage in some kind of customer service with brands (source). Your social media website can serve as a communication node not only between you and your customers, but also between customers themselves.

Components of a Social Media Website

This might be the most crucial step in the process and spending time on it now will save you more time in the future. You need to plan: 
  • How the user's activity feed is going to look 
  • What is included in their profile 
  • If it is going to be used internally in the business too 
  • What features you will incorporate (ex. points or rewards) 

Users are generally resistant to change, which makes it even more important to present a polished product initially when you initially launch. 

How to Build a Social Network

There are two ways in which you can build a social network. The first is to hire your own coders and set aside time and resources to let them build and test your new social features. The advantage in this case is that you will get a unique site, but there are quite a few substantial disadvantages with this approach. As you may have guessed, this isn’t going to be the most cost effective option by a significant margin. Also, it will take longer to implement, and it will be hard to launch a polished product, of which I mentioned the importance earlier. So, what about the second option? There are established social platforms already on the market that will allow you to incorporate a social network on your website easily. This avoids the problem of having to hire more help and allocate employee time to building and testing a network. However, these platforms can do much more than a basic install. Let’s take the leading option on the market, DNN Social. DNN Social allows you to use established and tested social media features with no difficulty. Most importantly it also comes with direct built in analytics that will open up a brand new level of information about your users. 


In modern business you are literally throwing away money if you do not have an effective social network site. The most cost-efficient way of setting up a quality social network site is to use an established service from a leading content management systems company that offers a product like DNN Social. Once you have implemented a social aspect to your business’ website you will have the interaction and information you need to take your profits to the next level. 

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