What Everyone Should Know About Intranet Social Media


What Everyone Should Know About Intranet Social Media

admin   •      •   Jun 28,2013
What Everyone Should Know About Intranet Social Media
Not enough businesses are taking advantage of the big improvements an intranet can give. You can increase your work's organization by streamlining your communication and increase productivity from improving employee experiences.

Increasing your Business's Organization

What if there was a way to do away with the bulletin boards, the long chain of emails that pile up or the instant messaging systems that are rarely used effectively? These communication methods are clunky, inconvenient, and often directed at employees, instead of involving them. An intranet based on Social Media allows your employees to interact with each other, share documents, and access company knowledge bases in a clear, organized way.

The Real Cost of Unproductiveness

A 2009 paper entitled “The High Cost of Doing Nothing” quantified the productivity of their employees and found the following: 

Senior executives have assessed that their workforce is operating at only 60% to 65% of their potential (source)” 

Let that sink in for a moment: 60 to 65% of their potential. For a company of even 100 employees, let’s say at an average wage of $20/hour, you are losing over $1.4M every year due to poor productivity.

Increasing Productivity by Having More Fun

One of the ways we can solve this productivity drain is by making the workplace more fun. Your workers are visiting things like forums, blogs, and social media websites outside of work because they are fun. Research shows that employees who are happier are 12% more productive than unhappier employees who are 10% less productive. If you can organize your business' communication for tasks more like a social intranet similar to what they are playing with when not at work it is a much more enjoyable experience.

Creating a Social Media Intranet is Easy

One of the leading reasons businesses are hesitant to upgrade their archaic communications systems is the expected cost. However when you look at how much just a small improvement in productivity yields, it’s clear that an improved Intranet will almost always be a good investment. The second bit of hesitancy comes from expecting that this is going to be a real pain to implement and take a lot of time. However this is not true as well. Sure if you were to build your own system from scratch it would be difficult, but there are many established platforms that have been fine-tuned for years that are easy to get set-up and allow you to migrate over existing information. One such example of a system is offered by DotNettNuke, which allows you to easily incorporate whatever aspects of an intranet are important for your business. You get a pre-built platform for a low price that still allows you to customize for maximum productivity. This is just one example of a social media intranet platform many businesses have used to bring their communication levels to the 21st century. The bottom line is that businesses should start thinking about if it's time for them to start a social intranet for their workers to potentially increase organization (by improving communication) and increase productivity by employees having more fun. 

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