Why use Salesforce CRM?


Why use Salesforce CRM?

admin   •   CRM, Salesforce   •   May 13,2014
Why use Salesforce CRM?

Finding a customer relationship management [CRM] system that hits all your requirements can be tough. Even if you just began your research you have probably already seen Salesforce mentioned multiple times in blog posts, comments, reviews, or forums that you’re diving through in Google. It’s definitely the biggest CRM in the game for small to big businesses, but why use Salesforce?

Salesforce has a Big Community

In 2012 Salesforce had 14% market share of the CRM software industry, making it the number one CRM platform. Being so huge comes with perks--the biggest perk being an already well-established community.

3rd Party Software Creation

Since Salesforce has such a large community, there are a lot of software developers creating tools just for Salesforce in the Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace (https://appexchange.salesforce.com/). Also, other marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Silverpop make sure their software integrates with the Salesforce API. Fortuitas has already taken advantage of Salesforce integration with Quickbooks Online, allowing our existing client data to synchronize with Salesforce. Prospects’ data in Salesforce also gets pushed back into Quickbooks once they become new clients. 


With so many users using Salesforce, there are lots of people available to help you when you’re facing issues with the software. A big growing job field is becoming a Salesforce analyst or consultant, The Salesforce Cloud Alliance program is very mature, which is one of the many reasons why Fortuitas has chosen to become a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner. A Salesforce Partner must maintain a certain number of certified consultants and customer satisfaction surveys in order to stay in the program.


Software can be the very reason why you get out of your office and network with other professionals who share your interest in that particular software package. Salesforce holds a lot of events (like Dreamforce) that give you opportunities to meet up with other like-minded business people that share the same types of goals and challenges in the business world. 

Extremely Customizable

Salesforce has incredibly robust features available to meet your business needs. In fact, you want to make sure you have the correct team configuring and administrating it or you can end up spending an excessive amount of time and money without achieving success. The high amount of customizability allows businesses to drill down and analyze sales data that is not possible with most tools.

Salesforce is the biggest CRM software for a reason, and the company is continually growing. There is an old adage from the 1980’s that says, “Nodoby ever got fired for buying IBM.” Nowadays, you might be able to say the same about Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco or Oracle. In the world of CRM, it would be a safe bet to say “Nobody ever got fired for buying Salesforce.”