Jasper and Fortuitas, a Magical time in Hollywood.

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Not always business...
At Fortuitas, we believe that forging relationships is not always just business. It's about sharing experiences with the folks you are working with--whether they are part of the Fortuitas team or a partner. Part of our joy is being able to share these experiences with like minded individuals. We were very excited to take part in a very cool magical dinner experience at the renowned Magic Castle, in Hollywood, CA. Our friends at Jasper PIM were very gracious to invite us to dinner. Mind you, this is an extremely exclusive event and we were honored to take part. Here are some pictures from the event. We wish there were more, but cameras were not allowed inside. Needless to say the whole night was quite magical. 

Thanks to our partners over at Jasper PIM, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution helping retailers manage and merchandise their product information so that they can unify their entire technology stack and optimize the way they sell and market their products or services into new channels around the world.
Retailers have faced significant challenges in managing their product information for years, and they’ve had to contend with various unsophisticated or pricey solutions to do so in the past. Many retailers handled their product information manually by wrangling spreadsheets, which is prone to errors and difficult to scale. Many larger retailers developed their own bespoke PIM, often at great expense and frustration. Some attempted to use all-in-one platforms, which are often bloated, expensive and lead to compromises in both performance and flexibility.
Jasper PIM helps merchants scale their product management operations with ease. It creates a central repository for all product data, enables two-way data syncs across entire connected technology stacks and supports multiple languages and currencies across all sales channels and storefronts.

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