Partner Mixer with Jasper PIM, Vesta, and more!

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Good friends are hard to come by, especially in business. When you find someone that fits your core values, you do what you can to work together. This is exactly why we sponsored a partner mixer with the fine folks at Jasper PIM and Vesta. 

We appreciate the support, friendship, and partnership - both past and present. Many of our partners have merchants with complex solution engineering needs or questions/challenges in their ecommerce stack. We certainly respect that. We assembled some great brain trust among our valued partners for this event and talked through some of those challenges.

The mixer was a great success. We found ourselves digressing into arguably way more more fun topics such as the Illuminati, the deep state, the club of rome & bohemian grove, fine wine, wanderlusting, sports, stamp collections, astral projection, esoteric folklore, religion, and of course, politics--the latter especially being the perfect thing to talk about to ensure we all stay friends forever!

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