eCommerce Catalog Management

A better solution for your eCommerce business
  • Add, edit and complete product information
  • Advanced structure - Attributes, categories, families and tags
  • Quick imports and export of product information
  • Flexible product pages
  • Digital assest management 
Optimize your product content
  • Automated quality reporting
  • Better information, means better positioning and better performance
  • Activity feed, tracking catalog changes
  • Analyze data by field and by channel
  • Find and fix product information gaps
Connect product information to any platform, app or marketplace.
  • Filter and share your product data
  • Custom API connector
  • Connect to the world's largest marketplaces
  • Create a cohesive multichannel strategy
  • Integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento

A better solution for your eCommerce business

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Quality Scoring

Track the evolution of the quality of your product information with automated reports. Enrich your product information automatically and improve the ranking of your product listings. View reports in clear, accessible charts and graphs.

Track changes

Keep track of your team’s daily activity. Check the dates and authoring of each change made. With edit workflows you can create catalog editing systems to rival the very best. Everything is backed up and retrievable in just a few clicks.

Let the system do the work

Catalogs are living content and require constant updates. With Sales Layer a wide range of options are at your fingertips: customize data sheets, use pre-designed formulas, bulk edit. Go global with up to 156 languages at your fingertips.


Sales Layer PIM has the best user interface and allows our clients to connect their product catalogs to multiple online sales channels.

Jack Kurtz
CEO, Fortuitas

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