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Ecommerce Misconceptions Badly Hurting Your Profits

Does it seem to you that, no matter what improvements you make to your eCommerce site, customers remain unimpressed? As if you and they are perpetually on a different plane. As if they don’t care much about the new changes you’ve incorporated into your online store and what they want is something as far from your understanding as Mars from the Earth. If yes, this post can help you.

Often business owners work with preconceived ideas that are not based on research. Perhaps you too have certain misconceptions about what works in eCommerce. If so, it’s time to get past them and focus on trends that truly matter in eCommerce. The folks at Subscriptionly.net have put together the infographic below where you can find out more about those trends.

Meanwhile, here are the top two misconceptions that can completely stall your business’s growth.

Providing Personalized Experience Is Not Important

You couldn’t be more off target if you think this is true because personalized experience is the single most important trend in eCommerce. Not convinced?

Then look at the following stats:

- 48% of consumers prefer e-stores that offer them personalized experience;

- 41% of consumers don’t think twice to stop doing business with a company that provides poor personalization (if you’ve been consistently losing your existing customers, this might be the reason.)

Offering One Or Two Shopping Channels Is Enough

Think that customers are happy about you offering them only one or two shopping channels? Think again. As you can see, consumers want personalized and omni-channel experience above all. If you’re not targeting these two factors, it’s time to start focusing on them.

That said, there are many other key determining factors that influence customer experience and by extension your profits. To know more about them, have a look at this infographic, which tells you all you need to know to succeed in eCommerce.

Author Credit: Ana Bera

Bio: A 5’3 ray of sunshine and chocolate addict. As the Head of Marketing and Content at Subscriptionly she uses every opportunity she gets to learn from others and then share the knowledge and generate fun and informative content. She is a Toronto born world traveler, hungry for knowledge and ready to make a difference in the marketing world. 

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