Systems Integration

Our expert team builds custom integrations between your CRM, eCommerce platform, point of sale system, product information management system and ERP system.

API Connectors


While all of your business systems perform essential functions, they may not have a way to connect to each other and share information. This is where Fortuitas enters the picture.

We build connectors that enable your systems to talk to each other and share essential business data. Most systems have an Application Program Interface (API) that allows us to get under the hood and build connectors to your other systems, solving key business problems and improving operational efficiency. Whether it's your CRM, ERP, PIM, POS or eCommerce system, we make everything work together in a cohesive manner so you can spend less time dealing with headaches and spend more time growing your business.

Data Management


The goal of data management is to allow your business and connected systems to share the same, clean data so that you can integrate, analyze and report the most optimized data set.

Our data management services start with evaluating your current data sources. This allows our team to successfully clean and parse your data, getting it into a format that can be integrated into all your current systems.

Application Support


After we deploy your solution, our team does not rest. Our Clients typically choose to keep the relationship going with either a team retainer or a support agreement. This gives our Clients the feeling that they are supported by the same team that built their system.

Whether you require a simple fix to an issue or a major feature enhancement, we provide you with a ticketing system and service levels based on your issue and the required response time. Once you report an issue, our team follows a rigorous process to ensure that we follow through and get the job done.

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