BigCommerce Partner Summit Recap

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Fortuitas recently attended the BigCommerce Partner Sales Summit. We wanted to learn more about what's happening in and around the world of BigCommerce. Most BigCommerce partner events are generally intimate, one or two day sessions where anyone who is a BigCommerce partner spends time with the account managers and engineers.

Getting to know the BigCommerce Team

This is by far the greatest value we experienced by attending the partner sales summit. The effort and enthusiasm that the BigCommerce team puts towards their partners is phenomenal, spending time with the BigCommerce team in person was extremely worthwhile. This was a major driving factor for the Fortuitas team to engage with a partnership with BigCommerce in the first place. Our first engagement with the BigCommerce team was actually for a client of ours that was in serious need to find a true eCommerce platform. As we did our own investigation, we narrowed down the field between three platforms--BigCommerce being one of them. We were blown away at the level of involvement that the BigCommerce team had with this client, including several technical meetings and assessments. This type of care and attention was reiterated in the partner summit.

Not just a meet and greet

While it was nice connecting with the BigCommerce team members that we speak with frequently over the phone, there was also some very valuable information that the partners were given on the roadmap and the overall health of the platform. Some of the highlight were: 

  • BigCommerce continues to grow and expand its core functionality by making the platform highly customizable and extensible out of the box as well as increasing its security and reliability. 
  • There will be several new releases that will enhance the functionality of the platform happening this month and throughout the year.

The BigCommerce team is very focused on making this the best eCommerce platform. They do that in part by enabling third parties to build extensions to the platform, which allows the BigCommerce team to focus on core eCommerce features. 

Great Summit had by one and all!

Overall, this was a fun and engaging two days with the BigCommerce team. If you are a partner I would highly recommend attending the next one. At the very least, you will have a chance to take in Austin and have a go at some Torchy's Tacos

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