CMS and Headless Commerce, making a better online store.

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How many times have you run into the scenario where you paid a lot of money to build a brand new, awesome looking website using a Content Management System (CMS), but come to find out it does not have full eCommerce capabilities or the plugins are lacking?

This is a scenario we regularly see businesses struggle with. 

You like the CMS, it streamlines the way you produce content, but your store is just lacking. How you do fix that? Headless commerce solves a problem traditionally seen within eCommerce models — the need to scale, adapt, and innovate quickly to match industry demands and gain competitive advantage. By adopting a headless commerce solution you gain a level of adaptability that aids in helping your brand grow. Additionally, security and compliance come standard within headless commerce, which frees up time and alleviates IT concerns.Scalable commerce. 

Say goodbye to scalability issues

As a BigCommerce Partner, we know its headless APIs allows you to keep your content on your CMS of choice while BigCommerce powers the commerce backend. You can scale and grow by building complex catalogs, manage large order volumes and handle up to 600 SKUs per product and 250 options.

Customization with compliance

If your business is looking to drive increased engagement on your site through content experiences, you are often best serviced by a headless commerce approach. This gives you is the flexibility of a CMS platform with the security of an ecommerce platform like BigCommerce, which maintains PCI compliance and 99.99% uptime.

Enterprise functionality at a fraction of the cost

Using the headless commerce approach, you can launch your website and maintain a high-performing store at ¼ the cost of an on-premise solution, or one that requires you to handle PCI compliance. With a lower total cost of ownership and a robust set of native features, this approach will free up time and budget, allowing you to spend more on your marketing or sales efforts.

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