Featured Partner: Episerver

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This month, our featured partner is Episerver. Fortuitas originally joined the Episerver partner program back in 2016. This year, we have committed ourselves to grow this partner relationship as we focus more on SaaS/Cloud based content management systems and eCommerce systems.  If you are you not familiar Episerver CMS, here is a brief overview of Episerver and our partnership with them.

What is Episerver?

Episerver is a reliable cloud based content management system for web publication. If you don't know this by now, we love cloud based integration systems because they are becoming the most reliable solution for most businesses. Episerver has been ranked by industry analysts as a market leader and is committed to continual investment in product and service improvements.

Episerver customers benefit from a recurring time-to-value, reduced switching costs, a simple and fair pricing model, an extremely intuitive user interface, and overall customer satisfaction. Their system is fully ISO27001 compliant, providing security and stability on a global scale. Episerver has advanced personalization with their AI features, which allows automated and dynamic targeting of individuals based on behavior and intent.

Why are we an Episerver Partner?

Some content management systems can be extremely complex and difficult to use, especially for a non-technical user. Episerver is unlike any other content management system because they have decreased their complexity through automation and introspective design. The user interface is very intuitive for non-technical users to manage content. On top of that, Fortuitas has a team of experts available to ensure seamless migrations and deployments.

Fortuitas also has a team of eCommerce experts, so it's only natural that one of our favorite features from Episerver is the Commerce Cloud connection. When working with eCommerce businesses, it's important for us to match our clients with the best CMS and eCommerce systems available.  The Commerce Cloud system allows Fortuitas to help businesses combine content and commerce all in one system, as well as integrate data.

One of the great features of Commerce Cloud is the amount of control with visitor groups. Episerver’s visitor group tool allows you to target content, promotions, and products to specific segments. With just a few clicks, you can target new and returning visitors as well as users with items in their basket. This type of control is hard to come by with a reasonably priced CMS.

One of our many specialties is finding the best content management system or eCommerce system to fit the needs of many different businesses. Our partnership with Episerver provides us with a powerful option for our clients regarding both systems--all in a single SaaS based platform.  If you have any questions about Episerver, please feel free to schedule some time with us! We'd love to help you on your next project.

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