Hot off the Press: Fortuitas Joins BigCommerce Partner Program

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Fortuitas, Inc today announced a partnership with BigCommerce, enabling merchants to take their eCommerce services to the next level. As part of the BigCommerce Partner Program, Fortuitas will now be able to offer clients custom commerce solutions powered by BigCommerce,the leading eCommerce platform for fast-growing and mid-market brands.

"We're very excited to announce our partnership with BigCommerce. You know when we looked at various platforms, we did our due diligence. There was quite a lengthy evaluation process that we put our team through to make sure we had a solid platform. It had to not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers, while also being well-built and extensible." said Jack Kurtz, CEO, at Fortuitas. "This is why BigCommerce is such a great fit for any business running a store online. We strongly believe that eCommerce is a major player when it comes to growing your business. That's why when there was a decision to pick a partner, we wanted one that shares our same values. The welcoming way we have been treated as a partner so far is a testament to the care and attention that BigCommerce brings to the table."

Fortuitas will bring a new level of integration, service and support for its clients with BigCommerce. Companies of all sizes work with BigCommerce to launch, promote, manage and scale successful online businesses through its platform. According to analysis conducted by market research firm Ipsos, online stores built on BigCommerce grow approximately twice as fast as the ecommerce industry average. By selecting a flexible, cost-effective SaaS model, retailers can focus on managing their businesses, not the technology behind it.

To learn more about how BigCommerce merchants can enhance their online presence with Fortuitas, visit: 



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