How to Setup Your Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy - Webinar Replay

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Why should I implement an Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy?

According to Harvard Business Review, 73% of all customers use multiple channels during their purchasing journey.

We see this more prevalent now as BOPAC (Buy Online, Pick Up At Curbside) and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In Store--also know as "Click and Collect") are becoming more than just common acronyms. Although these purchasing solutions have been proven successful before the COVID outbreak, they’ve become essentially important during this world pandemic. 

Speak to the Omnichannel experts, learn how to get started.

Following our last webinar, “Omnichannel eCommerce Explained”, strategists from Fortuitas, BigCommerce, and Sales Layer are coming together once again to show you how to set up your omnichannel eCommerce strategy.

During this webinar replay, we demonstrate:

  • Different omnichannel options and why it’s important to your business
  • How to easily set up products, categories, and variants for multiple SKUs
  • How to set up your business with the right tools for BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store)
  • How to publish, automate, and synchronize products across all channels
If you would like additional information about Omnichannel eCommerce, schedule some time to meet and we can give you an in-depth demonstration. We will also be having more webinar events in 2021. If you'd like to attend some of these events, please sign up for our newsletter by providing your email address at the bottom of this page.

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