Revolutionize B2B Sales with Nomad's eCommerce Solutions

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Introduction to Nomad's eCommerce Solutions

Fortuitas is excited to announce our partnership with Nomad, a robust B2B platform that offers innovative eCommerce solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. Nomad's platform integrates your eCommerce site, marketing assets and CMS with your ERP, resulting in a synchronized solution that simplifies the B2B sales cycle. By pulling exact inventory, pricing and customer data from the ERP and other back office systems, Nomad ensures accurate, up-to-date and personalized data throughout the sales cycle. With Nomad, you can eliminate manual data entry and costly third-party APIs, saving your sales and back office teams time and effort while shortening sales cycles.

Nomad proves to be a great platform that we personally vetted for clients who need a scalable, full stack B2B eCommerce solution. It is an ideal offering that compliments our capabilities in eCommerce migrations, implementations and integrations.

Benefits of Using Nomad for B2B Sales

Using Nomad for B2B sales offers numerous benefits for your business. Some key advantages include:

Simplified sales cycle

Nomad's integrated platform streamlines the B2B sales process by pulling data from your ERP and other back office systems, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accurate information throughout the sales cycle.

Personalized data

Nomad enriches your data with descriptions, images, videos and other marketing assets, providing personalized information to customers. This enhances the customer experience and increases engagement.

Cost and time savings

By eliminating manual data entry and third-party APIs, Nomad saves your sales and back office teams valuable time and effort. This leads to shorter sales cycles and increased productivity.

Multiple sales formats

Nomad leverages ERP data to provide customers access to their personalized data in any sales format needed, including websites, portals, punchout catalogs and customer catalogs. This flexibility enhances convenience for customers and improves sales opportunities.

Sync'd inventory management

Nomad ensures that inventory data is synchronized across platforms, reducing the risk of overselling or stockouts. This improves inventory management and customer satisfaction.

Complex B2B pricing support

Nomad offers support for complex B2B pricing structures, making it easier to handle discounts, volume-based pricing and other pricing models. This enables more accurate and efficient pricing management.

One-click ordering and reordering

Nomad simplifies the ordering process with one-click ordering and reordering features. This enhances the convenience for customers and encourages repeat business.

Guided feature search

Nomad's guided feature search helps customers easily find the products they need, improving the overall shopping experience and increasing sales.

Power of ERP integration

Nomad's integration with ERP systems provides a seamless flow of data, ensuring that inventory, pricing and customer information is always up-to-date and accurate. This integration improves efficiency and reduces errors.

Customer Success Story with Nomad

One of Nomad's success stories is Demand Products, a leading manufacturer and distributor. Demand Products implemented Nomad's eCommerce solutions and experienced significant improvements in their B2B sales processes. By integrating their eCommerce site, marketing assets and CMS with their ERP, Demand Products achieved synchronized data that resulted in a simplified sales cycle and increased efficiency.

With Nomad's support for complex B2B pricing structures, Demand Products can effectively manage their pricing strategies, leading to improved profitability. The sync'd inventory management feature ensures accurate inventory data, reducing stockouts and improving customer satisfaction. Overall, Nomad's eCommerce solutions transformed Demand Products' B2B sales operations, leading to growth and success.

Final Thoughts

Nomad's eCommerce solutions offer a revolutionary approach to B2B sales. By integrating your eCommerce site, marketing assets and CMS with your ERP, Nomad provides a synchronized solution that simplifies the sales cycle, saves time and effort and enhances the customer experience. With features such as personalized data enrichment, sync'd inventory management and support for complex pricing structures, Nomad empowers businesses to streamline their B2B sales processes and drive growth. Combined with Fortuitas' professional services in eCommerce migrations, implementation and migrations, we believe we have a very strong end-to-end offering for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors for the long term.

If you'd like to learn more about our B2B eCommerce services using Nomad, visit our contact page so we can schedule some time to meet.

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