What to consider when migrating from Magento.

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*This case study was created by BigCommerce, in collaboration with Fortuitas.

Magento has an outstanding reputation as an ecommerce platform. First released in 2007, it is a tried- and-true option for enterprise brands who are interested in growing their businesses online. With over 230,000 live stores currently running on Magento, the platform is used by 18% of the top million websites with the most traffic. After its acquisition by Adobe in 2018, brands using the Magento software quickly started to speculate about what was next for the company.

In September 2018, Magento announced that the Magento 1 product would no longer be supported by June 2020 — signaling the need for brands currently on Magento 1.x to find a new platform or re-platform to Magento 2 using a data migration tool or service.

Ecommerce platform choice is an important consideration for any brand. Your ecommerce platform is the virtual storefront of your brand — any custom code, application integrations, or CMS formatting needs to be compatible with the technology used by the platform. In short — you need to ensure that all the puzzle pieces that compromise your tech stack work well together.

magento to bigcommerce migration

While Magento is a top choice for enterprise retailers, complaints around the complexity of the platform, lack of migration path from Magento 1 to Magento 2, slow time to market and increasing custom development costs leave many agencies recommending other enterprise platforms like BigCommerce.

In this case study, you’ll read about real life examples that should help answer questions like:

  1. What questions should you ask before deciding to migrate?
  2. Is migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 the right choice for your business?
  3. What should growing ecommerce brands do before migrating?

As you read through the case study you will inevitably have questions, which is why it is always important to have an expert by your side who has in a sense "been there and done that" when it comes to complex migrations.  If you need to chat, feel free to contact anyone including myself or anyone from the Fortuitas team and we'd be happy to assist.  Click here to book a meeting with an eCommerce expert.

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