Big news from Fortuitas and Vesta

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The Fortuitas team would like to announce its partnership with Vesta!

Working together, we will be able to help our clients share product data in ways they have never experienced before.

Product information that is spread between different folders, Dropbox, ERP, POS, and eCommerce systems can make finding information a challenge. It can be hard to know if the information you find is accurate. Vesta provides a cloud-based product data solution that allows collaboration between suppliers and retailers by maintaining a “live” product database that is updated in real time. This allows for product data to be centralized, more reliable and more accurate across all sales channels. Since Vesta provides real time updates, this means you have a reliable "single source of truth" for your product data to share across your business and its systems.

Going forward, Fortuitas will be providing professional services and systems integrations with Vesta's customers and our clients as well. Using Vesta's technology, Fortuitas will provide data integrations between PIM, ERP and eCommerce systems by reducing data errors and increasing online sales conversions.

Vesta provides a free trial for customers who are curious about how their business will benefit from using their product. Vesta doesn't require a contract length or term when signing up. All plans are offered on a monthly basis-- meaning no locked in contracts. Vesta also offers discounted rates on annual subscriptions, which is something to think about when investing in an easy to use and reliable interface.

Fortuitas delivers digital experiences through creative and innovative technology solutions. Whether it's an eCommerce store, mobile app or marketing website, we design and build an integrated, personalized experience that leaves your customers wanting more.

If you would like to know more about Vesta, or have an integration project where  you need some help, please schedule some time with our team for a free consultation

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