CASE STUDY: Bragg Live Foods

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*This blog was written with the content of the case study created by a joint effort with Sales Layer and Fortuitas.

Who is Bragg?

Founded in 1912, Bragg is the world’s top producer of apple cider vinegar and offers a broad portfolio of other health-focused food and dietary products including condiments, seasonings, dressings, and ready-to-drink beverages. It is a uniquely authentic and storied brand with a highly loyal, multi-generational following in the health and wellness space. You can visit them at www.bragg.com

Before Sales Layer

With a strong reputation to maintain after more than a century of history in the food market, Bragg needed to deliver an impeccable brand image supported by well-presented and attractive products across all channels. Before using a PIM system, they managed all their data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets and a Sage 100 ERP.  A classic, old-fashioned system that needed to be turned on its head to accommodate the inevitable digitization of our times.

Why Sales Layer?

Bragg was looking to consolidate all their product information and connect it directly to eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and design software. Sales Layer was their first choice to implement a PIM platform that would allow them to centralize product content in a quick manner, and included the connectors they currently needed, these being very easy to configure, as well as providing the option to add more plugins in the future.

Why Consumer Brands Need a PIM

There are many reasons why you need a Product Information Management (PIM) system. One of the most common reasons is you are spending too much time, money, and human resources managing your product catalog on your own.

Increase your time to market (TTM)

Speed is key when trying to reach more consumers and grow within your market space.

Create faster processes

A PIM takes the human element away from tasks that are repeatable, predictable and can be recreated using technology.

Generate higher quality product content

A PIM is designed to enrich the product content, streamlines it to everyone and updates the data in real time in every channel or market

How Did Sales Layer Help?

  1. Instant data import/export
  2. Connection to Shopify
  3. Connection with Amazon
  4. Connection with print catalogs
  5. Quality Score & Quality Reports
  6. Instant Catalogs function

Why Did Bragg Choose Fortuitas?

When approached with the prospect of being able to help a consumer brand enhance their eCommerce capabilities, Fortuitas knew exactly how to not only build a solid foundation but also how to future proof their business for the next 3-5 years.

Aside from working with eCommerce brands for over a decade, Fortuitas came with a process to help Bragg increase their revenue by adding new sales channels. This same technology also helped reduce their operational costs by reducing human error on product data management and time allocated managing inventory.

Overall, Fortuitas' deep understanding of the pain points for consumer brands along with the technical implementation expertise resulted in Bragg choosing to work with Fortuitas.

What's the Outcome?

Since working their product information in the Sales Layer PIM, Bragg’s team has simplified their data mapping processes so that all their product data now meets the same standards.

Thanks to Sales Layer's Quality Control feature, data quality control has improved, because it is very easy to see on the dashboard which content needs to be enriched. Bragg now brings together all their product data, images, descriptions, SKUs, variants, and prices in a single, reliable place.

To get the direct download of the case study please use the link here .  

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