Fortuitas Partners with Digital River

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There are plenty of payment processing companies out there nowadays, and several disparate tax and data compliance solutions. At last, Fortuitas has found one company that offers both and can do it in virtually any market across the globe. The irony here is that this company has been around almost as long as eCommerce has been in existence. Digital River combines powerful technology with their unique merchant and seller of record business model. Their technology allows you to create a smooth buyer experience for consumers worldwide.

Digital River takes care of your payment processing, fraud mitigation, taxes, compliance and much more. Their technology offers a flexible API with an architecture that allows for global expansion, enabling merchants to enter new markets, collect global payments and remain compliant while transacting global business. This makes for less headaches for those of you selling products across the globe.

Digital River has guaranteed risk protection that avoids fines, litigation and damage to your brand's reputation by cooperating with ever-changing tax and data privacy regulations from across the world. Are you concerned about filing VAT taxes to multiple tax authorities? Or worried about being compliant with GDPR and PSD2? At Fortuitas, we are offering Digital River's powerful technology as a solution so your business can benefit from a unique merchant and seller of record model that shields you from unwanted risk.

With payment processing, Digital River can grow conversion rates with the most dynamic payments ecosystem and machine learning-powered billing technologies in eCommerce. Digital River offers the Onshore Advantage™ which has been proven to increase global authorization rates by 10% or more, and reduce cart abandonment by 14%.

At Fortuitas, we are now able to implement Digital River's technology as part of your global business expansion. We want our clients to feel safe knowing that Digital River's technology is purpose-built for global growth and security. As Digital River puts it, "your business deserves an commerce solution as unique as your products and as special as your customers". 

If you need a global payment solution that will keep your business compliant, or if you have more questions about Digital River, please feel free to schedule some time with us.  We would be happy to assist you with your next project.

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