DNN Liquid Content OnPrem Version Availability

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*Note: This is an announcement from DNN Software:

We wanted to update you on the status of the availability of Liquid Content in your OnPrem environment. 


Liquid Content lets you create and manage content in one place and make it available to multiple channels, via APIs, embedded widget, or the built-in Visualizers. It’s only available to Evoq Content and Evoq Engage customers as a premium feature. 

Liquid Content was initially developed as a cloud service, however, since many customers have requested it to use it on their own premises, we have decided to migrate it off the cloud and make it available as an OnPrem solution.

We are happy to let you know that development has begun and the product is expected to be released in a couple of months. We are giving you advance notice so you can be ready for the release.


MongoDB - Liquid Content leverages a NoSQL database in the cloud for flexibility and scale, and will continue to do so in the OnPrem version. In addition to the existing Microsoft SQL Server, you will need to have MongoDB installed. MongoDB Community Server is free and can be installed on Windows and Linux. You may choose to deploy it on the same server running your website, the database server, or to a completely new server.

Additional IIS Web Site and Application Pools - Liquid Content will not be installed within the DNN application; it will require its own IIS web site and application pool. In fact, you can deploy Liquid Content on a dedicated server or a web farm. The Liquid Content requires a few additional helper web services that require additional IIS websites and app pools. 

Forms and Google Analytics Proxy Service - In addition to Liquid Content, we also provide Forms and Google Analytics Proxy services via the cloud, which will also be ported to OnPrem solutions as part of the release. They will require additional IIS websites and app pools. They will be able to leverage the same MongoDB.

Automatic Migration of Content - We are building tools to automatically export data from Liquid Content to be imported into the new OnPrem database.

Planning for Upgrade

To get this update, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Evoq. If you are behind on upgrades, this is the time to update to the current version, 9.6.1. This will make the transition easier.

OnDemand Customers

We will reach out to our OnDemand customers separately to discuss upgrading.

Decommission of Liquid Content Cloud

We will be decommissioning the cloud version of Liquid Content after we release Liquid Content OnPrem. We will give you notice of that sunset date once the OnPrem version is released. Please plan ahead of time so you don’t run the risk of losing access to your data.

Not Using Liquid Content

If you are not using Liquid Content, no action is necessary. However, we still recommend you upgrade to the most current version and after the release, upgrade again to try the version with Liquid Content OnPrem. Please note that Liquid Content Cloud is available in Evoq Content and Evoq Engage only, and the OnPrem version will remain available only to these two products. If you are an Evoq Basic customer and would like to learn more about Liquid Content, please send us an email to success@dnnsoftware.com to schedule a demo.


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