Pre-Release Partner Notification: Getting Ready For DNN Liquid Content OnPrem

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**Note: This is an announcement from DNN Software:

We wanted to send a follow-up to the note sent last month about Liquid Content OnPrem. Our goal is to keep you informed about the progress, so you have all the information to help your DNN customers with the upgrade and transition.

**To read about the previous update, read about it here.

Our team continues with the development work and expects to be finished in a few weeks. We will advise of the exact release dates as we are further along.

Evoq 9.6.4 Is Our Most Current Release

We just released Evoq 9.6.4. We are starting to do smaller releases as we want to provide fixes of important issues sooner than later. Evoq 9.6.2 and 9.6.3 were released last month. Once you get on to these versions, the subsequent upgrades will be a lot easier.

Upgrade to Latest

The Liquid Content OnPrem upgrade will require a bit more work than usual as it requires MongoDB and a few more IIS websites/app pools. Upgrading to Liquid Content OnPrem from an older version, ex. 9.1, can be more challenging. Therefore, we ask you to do the upgrade in two steps:

  1. First upgrade to Evoq 9.6.1 or above 
  2. Then upgrade to Liquid Content OnPrem when available for Evoq Content and Evoq Engage installations.

Customers with Platinum and Gold Support

DNN's Platinum and Gold Support plans include 20 and 10 hours per year of consulting work respectively. We will be asking customers to leverage their unused hours towards upgrading. Additional hours can also be purchased.

What are we asking from our Partners?

We are asking DNN Partners who help their customers with upgrades to begin immediately with the first upgrade.

Documentation and Date

We will be communicating shortly.

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