Fortuitas has a new partnership with Sales Layer

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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Sales Layer, a new generation of product information management software that is sophisticated, yet simplistic. Product information management systems are designed to allow your business to integrate with your outbound sales channels, offering you flexibility, all while saving your business time and money.

Sales Layer PIM makes product information surprisingly enjoyable to manage. The magic lies within the instant synchronization that makes importing your product information a walk in the park. It allows your business to organize, analyse, and connect to marketplaces and eCommerce channels. These capabilities will not only increase your sales, but also increase your company's productivity as a whole.

Sales Layer PIM integrates product data with your internal systems such as ERP, point of sale (POS) and external systems such as your eCommerce website and other 3rd party sales channels. One of our favorite features of Sales Layer PIM is that it has a connector to Amazon, which is not easy to come by. Sales Layer's integration with other omnichannel sources allows for flexibility, organization, and for business growth and development. That is some pretty powerful technology if you think about it.

Another great new feature that Sales Layer offers is their Instant Catalogs. This gives you the capability to create a digital catalog in minutes. Sales Layer designed their instant catalogs to give users a secure way to share personalized catalogs from anywhere. There are no middle-men in this process of creating an instant catalog, which means fewer errors. You also have an option to make the catalog public or private which you can still share with your sales team. Once the catalog is public, you can activate the option to create orders online.

Here's the best part of our partnership. Fortuitas will be providing implementation and technical support for your business as you take the steps to add a PIM to your omnichannel initiatives. We help you by integrating Sales Layer PIM and connecting the tools within your existing sales channels, whether they are on Amazon, eBay or through an eCommerce system. We will train the people in your company how to use the software, as well as provide ongoing support as you grow with Sales Layer PIM.

If your business needs a new PIM solution and you have more questions about Sales Layer PIM, please feel free to schedule some time with us.  We would be more than happy to assist you in your next project.


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