Marketing, Integration and eCommerce.

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This year, we did our homework and took a look at trends that are happening in our industry. We've already seen Salesforce become a heavyweight for CRM "as-a-Service", which has since evolved into the idea of anything and everything "as-a-service". The growing "as-a-Service" industry has proven that companies have become more sophisticated in choosing “a la carte” digital services to fit their needs. This allows businesses to grow at their own pace without a large initial investment, while still having the benefit of getting the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. It only makes sense that companies are leaning this way and will continue to do so more and more in 2019.

Before we go any further about 2019, let's close the books on 2018. Our core team gets together towards the end of every year to discuss what we did that was great, where we need to improve, and how we can grow from the past year. We start off with the closing year in review and ask ourselves some important questions. Did we meet our goals for this past year? What was our total growth by percentage? What areas can we identify where we excelled and what are other areas where could we improve? This type of retrospective discussion allows us to establish a baseline before we start talking about the coming year.

Marketing, Integration and eCommerce
As we moved towards the topic of 2019, we realized two things. First, we did an excellent job helping businesses solve complex problems through technology. The work we did integrating various systems such as customer facing websites, mobile apps, CRM systems, eCommerce platforms, PIM Systems, and Marketing Automation systems allowed our Clients to grow their businesses beyond their imagination. By seamlessly integrating technology, we lightened the load that most teams face because of the lack of systems not "talking" to one another.

The second thing we realized was that we do not do a great job at presenting what we do to the outside world. That is why we are excited to announce that, as part of our efforts in 2019 we will be introducing a new website, chock full of information about all the great service offerings we provide.

When we roll out the new website you will also see something new--Inbound Marketing services! Our 2019 strategy discussions made us realize that Marketing Automation services are an excellent combination with Systems Integration and eCommerce solutions. So, we will be offering new Marketing-as-a-Service plans for Clients who would like to increase their marketing presence, get more qualified leads and help their Sales teams generate more revenue, all for an affordable monthly fee. 

As 2019 gets closer, it is shaping up to be a great year for the Fortuitas team and we are excited to bring you quality services in Marketing, Integration and Ecommerce


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