Mobile eCommerce, the juggernaut trend of 2018.

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Imagine a world where everyone has access to all the latest gadgets, clothing, food, books, cars, you name it; all at their fingertips. Now, open your eyes because that world is here and now. It's easy to forget about the world that was void of the free 2 day shipping of Amazon Prime and the Walmart Grocery Service, life is just so simple these days. All thanks to technology, and more specifically, mobile technology. 

The advancements made in mobile technology have greatly increased the consumption rate at with we do anything online. That is especially true for eCommerce. Mobile devices are going to play a huge roll in the growth of online shopping in 2018. It's estimated that 50% of eCommerce revenue will come from mobile this coming year.

If we take a look at forecasts by Goldman Sachs, mobile eCommerce revenue in 2018 will equal the total eCommerce revenue for 2013, which is $626 billion. Mobile shopping will continue in a big way because new technology like Augmented Reality (AR) will enhance the way people will shop online — it's not just when they're home at their desktops anymore.

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