New Decade, New Website

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The new decade is in full affect and we are excited to announce our website redesign!

Since design taste and technology have been constantly changing over the past few years, it was time for a makeover. "Our website hadn’t been updated since 2015, and it no longer reflected who we are as a company today, and what we do best." says CEO Jack Kurtz.

According to Client Partner, Johnny Gregory, the redesign afforded us with two things. One was an update to our brand and image. The second was that it gave us an excuse to integrate newer technology in the form of a fully integrated CMS platform and marketing automation system. "We have had the same look and feel for 3-4 years now and it was time to make some changes." said Johnny. "The idea is to align both sales and marketing, enabling us to be extremely agile in both areas".

Our website at Fortuitas.com is using HubSpot COS as our CMS platform, which fully integrates with our marketing automation system, which also happens to be HubSpot

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Having a CMS platform and marketing automation system is pretty crucial to most businesses. It makes life a heck of a lot easier, and allows you to be more organized. If you are thinking of integrating a CMS into your business, check out our blog post on the reasons why you still need a CMS. Having the capability of integrating with Hubspot's CRM will change your work productivity and website usability in the coming years.

Since integrating with Hubspot, we are now able to do much more in regards to social media, content strategy, sales, SEO...the list goes on for another mile. With all this hype about our new website, you might be thinking, what was wrong with the old website?

"I actually liked our old website, but it was getting a little dated looking and didn’t really reflect where we were going as a company. The content management system we were using wasn’t flexible enough to make content changes as easily and it didn’t integrate seamlessly with our marketing automation system. Certain features in the blog engine such as social sharing were not working properly," says Jack.

"There are so many game-changers we can now do with Hubspot, such as on-the-fly editing of a website page. There are a ton of things you can do to create and edit content without any code whatsoever. Their tools just work and allows for someone who is not technical at all to do some really awesome things with their content", as Johnny said jumping up and down.

Being able to edit our own website pages with such ease  is a huge deal for us, as we're all about quality while still  making things functional and easy--not just for us but for our clients too. If a marketing intern can pick this up in a couple months and do it, so can you.

"We will  be able to generate meaningful content faster, track our users’ behavior and generate useful content in a more personalized way. Overall, we can work more efficiently and stay within the same user interface for creating web content, newsletters, blogs and personalized emails" -Jack Kurtz

If you're thinking about website redesign in your future, our team's best advice is....

Don't let your dreams be memes, JUST DO IT

If you would like to know more about content management systems, or have a project that you are looking to get help with, please schedule some time with our team for a free consultation

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