Why you still need a CMS

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As you go through looking to build a new website or redesign your existing website, you may be  asking yourself "Should I still be using a CMS?". The answer is a resounding YES! There are many reasons as to why you should be using a Content Management System (CMS). One of the biggest reasons why is it's easy to find a great CMS that meets 80% of what you need, which means that leaves you 20% to customize to fit your business. This means you will spend a lot less on building or redesigning your website. Below is a list of benefits of using a CMS to build and manage your website: 

Editor Friendly — If you have a team who manages the content on your site, most CMS applications allow for workflow approval and for multiple editors to be working on the website, increasing your efficiency as a team. 

Templating/Theming — Rather than designing a theme or template from the ground up, you can continue the 20% rule and buy a theme or template that meets most of your needs and you can fill in the rest with minor customizations.

Content focus — By separating your website content from its design, having a CMS allows your marketing team to focus on producing content to drive website traffic, improve SEO, and convert customers. Removing design and technical skills from the process makes it more efficient.

Ease of use — A CMS takes the hassle out of management and upkeep of your website. Most CMS application have a simple, non-technical process for updating and upgrading the website, as well as adding in themes and modules. Beyond keeping the website up to date, a CMS will also allow users an easy way to edit content through the use of drag-and-drop content, rich text editors, and other WSYIWIG style editors.

Security — A content management system doesn’t just protect your website from overly enthusiastic content editors. Most CMS applications come with a robust set of built in security controls that allow for a very granular approach to user permissions. 

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