Acquia partnership: content, plus commerce, plus marketing, plus the kitchen sink.

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Acquia is an open-source digital experience company that empowers brands to embrace innovation and create customer experiences that truly matter. Named a leader by both Gartner and Forrester, Acquia delivers a cloud-based digital experience platform built on Drupal that enables organizations to build experiences that scale, while providing value-added products such as Lift for personalization and Journey for journey automation and omnichannel orchestration.

One of the key reasons we chose to work with Acquia is because they bring enterprise strength to the Drupal platform. This allows clients to start simply with an open source platform while knowing they have world-class scaling capabilities underneath the hood.

Together, Acquia and Fortuitas can help our customers build, adopt, and run successful digital experiences on the innovative Acquia Platform. By partnering with Acquia we are able to provide our clients with a well built CMS, connectors to best in breed eCommerce and marketing automation systems--all through a powerful, hassle-free SaaS environment.

Some of the things the Acquia Platform provides are: 

  • Highly-secure customer implementations.
  • Faster time to market using Acquia Cloud.
  • All in one technology stack. 

When we help clients get up and running on Acquia, they are able to immediately see the benefits of a website being built faster, hosted more securely, and integrated with the best in breed technology necessary to run their businesses online. 

Acquia Cloud Platform

Co-founded by Drupal inventor Dries Buytaert, Acquia Cloud is built around a deep understanding of how to best support and operationalize Drupal in a cloud environment. With 117,000 active sites and 117 points of presence around the globe, Acquia Cloud provides cloud hosting specifically designed to support Drupal. It includes tools for easy migration between environments and an infrastructure to optimize Drupal performance. It features some of the best built in capabilities of any Digital Experience Platform.

Complete Development Platform

Designed for ambitious digital applications, Acquia Cloud provides development tools, environments, application services, and hosting for Drupal-powered websites and JavaScript applications. You can create customer experiences for any environment all in one place, letting teams remain flexible while still producing scalable products.

Customized Architecture

Clouds are not one-size-fits-all. Acquia allows you to design your architecture the way you want by managing both traditional and decoupled websites.

Automated Testing and Deployment

Acquia allows you to adapt and learn with automated testing and pipeline deployment tools to help stay ahead of changes without eating into development time.

Global Data Centers 

Acquia Cloud global data centers increase reliability, allowing your website to remain online while others suffer downtime.

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