DNN Summit: Session Sneak Peek

1 Min READ

Tips and Tricks: Building a Successful Lead Generation Machine.

What’s better than generating some leads? Generating MORE LEADS! That’s right, it’s exactly what every salesperson wants to have from their marketing teams. Here’s how you integrate some awesome tools, automate what makes sense, and simplify how you build your engine.

Using Evoq as the platform to run your website, and a few awesome tools to integrate into the DNN platform you can create a lead generating monster that can bolster your brand awareness, move traffic to your website and ultimately drive new leads to your sales team. Watch and learn how to become the envy of all your peers. In this session we will cover things like:

  • - Evoq and Landing pages - Time to get acquainted.
  • - Forms, CTAs, and Offers. Oh my!
  • - The art of A/B testing.

If you would like to see a list of the session, check out the link here. If you would like to attend and take a selfie with a Yeti (possibly, nobody has seen him in person yet), you can register here.

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