Jack Kurtz - Austin Bound

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The city of Austin has been a part of Fortuitas for quite some time now, and as many of you know we expanded our offices to Austin in 2016. We are very fortunate to be able to hire just about anywhere, which allows our team to be the best qualified not just locally, but througout the country. This means we can hire top talent and not have distance to our California headquarters be a limitation.  

This is not the only reason to take a trip to Austin. Besides the great food, music, and laid-back atmosphere Austin is home to several of our partners. These partnerships (both new and old) are what allow our team to continue to grow and expand so that we can offer our Clients the latest in mobile, web, and ecommerce solutions. 

Ecommerce is the future! 

A trend that we believe is the next shift in technology is the re-emergence of eCommerce. Ecommerce is now linked with several technologies like social media (selling through Instagram), marketing automation platforms (like HubSpot), and with data management platforms (like Jasper PIM). Ecommerce is everywhere you look online. It is projected that by 2021 (study by statista.com) the number of dollars spent online will nearly double from $2.8 trillion to 4.8 trillion.

BigCommerce Partner Summit – Being a part of the BigCommerce ecosystem allows us to learn about the latest trends in eCommerce. During the event, our CEO, Jack Kurtz met with the BigCommerce leadership team to collaborate on strategies to bring one of the top eCommerce platforms to market for our Clients.

Meeting with Jon Marsella, CEO of Jasper PIM – As part of our efforts in helping our Clients bring to life enterprise eCommerce systems, we rely on strategic partnerships with companies like Jasper PIM to enhance what we do as eCommerce systems integrators. Our partnership with Jasper PIM allows us to have a complete eCommerce solution for businesses with many systems and a tremendous amount of data that needs to pass between each system. Jack met with Jon Marsella and Derek Rosenzweig of Jasper to discuss go-to market strategies for mid and enterprise level businesses in the retail commerce space. 

Old friends, new direction.

As almost everyone in the DNN ecosystem knows, DNN has been running under new management with their new CEO, Andy Tryba at the helm for about a year. With Andy running the show, DNN has been able to transform the company by streamlining nearly every aspect of the business. There is a renewed focus on the partners and people who helped make DNN what it is today. 

Meeting with Andy Tryba, CEO of DNN Software – Jack was fortunate enough to spend a good portion of the day with Andy. After having spent some time over the phone and now in person, it was clear that they share the same sentiment about DNN’s growth through advancements in the platform and continued focus on the DNN ecosystem.

As we continue to grow and expand, we always look to our core values of Quality, Integrity, and Service to drive our partnership choices and to always provide our Clients with the best solutions.

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