Southern Fried Wrap-up - Interview with Andy Tryba

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DNN's New Leader

Yesterday was a testament to strength of the DNN Community. As the Southern Fried DNN user group was about to start its interview with Andy Tryba, there was an excited buzz about the attendees. Soon the attendee list grew past 60 and we were ready to hear from DNN Corp's newest team member. The meeting started off with the usual introductions from Ryan Moore (Moore Creative), and just like that the questions were flying.  

The first line of questioning gave us our initial look at Andy and his past accomplishments, both with Intel and with the White House. His background will definitely be a great asset to the future of DNN. As you can imagine the future of DNN was the main focal point for this meeting. As I am sitting here coffee in hand writing this post, one can feel DNN Corp's renewed commitment to making the product better. There are two major points of focus that Andy wants DNN Corp to focus on for growth of the platform: the DNN Community and simplicity.

The DNN Community

One of the opening questions asked was about Andy's plans for his first 90-100 days in office. Getting connected with everyone in the DNN community was high on his list. Navin had given him a rundown of DNN's largest customers and his plan is to meet personally with them, and soon. Do not fear DNN Partners, we are not being left out. Andy is also planning on setting aside some time for the partners to engage in talks about "What can DNN Corp do better?". He is very engaged and interested not in what DNN does well, but where it needs some attention, and that input will come from the partner community. 


A key factor to the growth and overall adoption of DNN is the belief that simplicity is best. Andy believes that there are many areas that DNN Corp can focus on to make it easier for customers to see the true potential of what DNN as a platform can bring to a business. There was mention of a more user-friendly storefront so that customers can find the right tool to extend DNN. The basic idea is that if the user experience is simple in nature, then adoption of the platform will come to a larger user base than we have seen in a long time. 

Closing Thoughts

While it's initially never easy to hear that a company has been bought, I think the conversation with Andy has put all fears aside. There is a sense of excitement and a growing buzz about the future of DNN. The future is looking bright, the community is engaging more and more, and it looks like Andy will be keynoting DNN Summit this February. We will all get the chance to meet him in person and see what he's been able to carry out in his first few months at the helm of DNN Corp. 

Feel free to share your thoughts with me. You can catch me on Twitter: @JTGOMA or via email at jgregory@fortuitas.com

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