Case Study - A cross-platform Mars Petcare app

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Mars Petcare in Brazil wanted to keep sales reps and other customer-oriented personnel up to date. Fortuitas had already built a sales portal for Mars Petcare to access marketing collateral, training information, and provide a private social network. To enhance use of the content, especially by sales associates and distributors, Mars Petcare turned to Fortuitas to create a mobile app that would integrate with the sales portal and provide a higher level of user engagement.


Our team was able to produce a mobile application that met all their needs using 100% Xamarin.Forms. By taking this approach, we were able to bring a finished product to the Mars Petcare team ahead of schedule and well within budget. Using Xamarin.Forms also helped us accomplish two key objectives: 

  •  - Sharing resources and building a secure mobile community
  •  - Faster app development time using 100% shared code across all platforms
  •  - Reduced maintenance costs by maintaining a single code base

If you would like to learn more, take a look at our case study here.

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