Xamarin Pricing and Features in 2019

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If you are interested in developing mobile applications using Xamarin, Microsoft offers Xamarin through Azure as a part of their mobile platform offerings. This is great, because you can build and try Xamarin for free. It then essentially converts to pay-to-play once you deploy the app and start generating traffic and users. Are you interested in using Xamarin for your mobile app development? Here is breakdown of Xamarin's pricing and features it provides. As a bonus, Fortuitas is a Xamarin certified partner and has helped companies like Mars, Whiskas, Pedigree and others bring their mobile apps to life.

Azure's App Services bring together everything you need to create your mobile app for any device. Free and Shared plans provide different options to test your apps within your budget. Basic, Standard and Premium plans are for production workloads and run on dedicated Virtual Machine instances. Each instance can support multiple application and domains. The Isolated plan hosts your apps in a private, dedicated Azure environment and is ideal for apps that require secure connections with your on-premise network, higher performance and scalability. App Service plans are billed on a per second basis.

What are the benefits?

High-productivity development

Azure provides tremendous benefits for mobile application development, making it the perfect platform for Xamarin applications. You are able to quickly build and deploy your app, and integrate it into your existing frameworks. You also have some pretty powerful developer productivity tools such as continuous integration, live-site debugging, Visual Studio IDE, and Azure Marketplace. Deploying updates is especially easily with integrated CI/CD capabilities with Visual Studio Team Services, Bitbucket, Docker Hub, and GitHub.

Fully managed platform

By using Azure as your hosting platform and Xamarin as your mobile application platform, you can run and scale on either Windows or Linux. The platforms are fully managed and automatically perform infrastructure maintenance, load balancing, and more. You can easily add custom domains, SSL certificates, single sign-on (SSO), and identity service integration to your apps. 

Quickly add corporate sign-in

When building your Xamarin application on Azure, you have the ability to authenticate your customers with Azure Active Directory and more securely connect to on-premises resources like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and SharePoint. 

Connect your apps to on-premise data

As we all know, not everything in your business is all in one place. Sometimes you have to connect to older/legacy systems. By using Azure to build a Xamarin mobile app, you can use the Azure Hybrid Connections and VPN to access your data from your on-premises data center or from anywhere in the world.

Push notifications to millions, in minutes

When you integrate Azure Notification Hubs, your app can become a mobile-push notification engine capable of sending millions of push notifications to iOS, Android, Windows, or Nokia X devices within seconds. It's a fairly straight-forward process to hook Notification Hubs into any existing app back end, whether that back end is hosted on-premise or in Azure.

Completely scaleable

You have the ability to configure built-in autoscale for Mobile Apps and Notification Hubs to match your app needs. This means you can spin up or down resources based on actual usage, and only pay for what you need. With access to the global network of Microsoft managed data centers, you can reach your customers anywhere in the world.

If you would like to know more about pricing, or what it would take to get your Xamarin mobile app project off the ground, please schedule some time with our team for a free consultation

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