DNN Evoq Critical Update/Patch (all versions)

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There was a notice from DNN Corporate recently requiring all license holders of EVOQ to perform an important update to their sites. If you didn’t receive the email, here is a copy of that original email below.

"This update is to uninstall a seldom-used component of EVOQ from technology partner 51Degrees. The 51Degrees mobile detection technology was never terribly popular and was not heavily used by Skin developers and generally remained unused within the DNN community even though it was present within EVOQ with every install. Now, several years after the release, the partnership has ended and, by legal reasons, DNNCorp is now asking all EVOQ instances to uninstall the tool."

We at Fortuitas want to make sure that we share this information with you if you haven’t seen the notice already and to let you know that you should make this updates. If you need assistance with this, we can perform this update for you.

If you would like to schedule a call with the Fortuitas Team please contact us here.

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