Hiring a 3rd Party Firm for Xamarin Support

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Xamarin is an excellent mobile application development environment that allows for much more efficient development of multi-platform applications through use of the C# programming language. But, just like any many other development tools, it can be easy to get stuck in the process and feel the need to reach out to Xamarin support.

In order to get Xamarin Support, you will need to purchase either the Business or Enterprise package. However, Xamarin Support is only offered through email on regular Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (EST) business hours.

To compound this challenge, it's a guarantee that whoever is responding on the other end of the support line will be looking at your code for the very first time once they receive your ticket. While they are getting paid to support your with your issue, they probably will have no real connection to your project on a larger scale.

Hitting bumps in the road is almost an intrinsic part of the development process and being able to quickly identify what caused these bumps to appear and exactly how to smooth them out in the most efficient way possible is integral to the development cycle. The last thing any company needs is deadlines being pushed back due to lack of dedicated support.

Product support is typically not designed to look at the larger picture, but rather to deal with a very specific issue. How much support can someone really provide who isn't even closely briefed on the actual goals of your project? Maybe they can fix a line or two of code, but will that help solve a bigger problem that they simply cannot see because they do not have context for this project?

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you bring in a third-party developer with expertise in Xamarin to assist with the support of your application development. By being involved from the beginning, this professional will not only be personally familiar with the code being used but will also have a clear understanding of the overall goals of your application development process.

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