Why You Need a Xamarin Certified Developer

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So you’ve opted to use Xamarin to develop a cross-platform, native application. Should you hire any experienced .NET/C# developer or should you hire a Xamarin Certified Developer? It’s likely that an experienced .NET/C# developer will be able to get the job done, but it will most likely take longer and may not be done as well. There is still a significant learning curve to Xamarin (just like any other new platform), which is why a Xamarin Certified Developer is recommended.

Xamarin Certified Developers are required to take a certain number of classes on the ins and outs of the product in small interactive classes. They are then required to pass an exam to become a certified Xamarin developer. The program may or may not make you a “better” programmer, but it certainly prepares you for issues and features that you will run into during the development process. Would you bet on a great golfer that is very familiar with the course he is playing or an equally great golfer who has never before played the course? It makes a big difference.

The bottom line is, Xamarin is an emerging technology and although it uses .NET/C#, there is still a learning curve. Some concepts require special knowledge specific to the Xamarin environment. Developers will most likely have to familiarize themselves with new user interfaces (including new controls, new layout approaches, multi-touch and gesture recognition), mobile API’s (to leverage the device’s camera, network & wireless communications, and cloud storage), and graphics API’s (for images, animation, and video).

In addition, Xamarin Certified Developers have some other important privileges as well. They have unlimited annual access to new teaching aids, which allows them to quickly get up to speed on any new features, API’s, techniques, or platform updates. Certified Developers are also given full access to a support community. Since Xamarin is a relatively new platform, there are very few online resources for developers to turn to when faced with an issue. It’s not like iOS, Android, and ASP.NET where you can search Google and find all kinds of forums and communities with helpful content. Therefore, having access to the Xamarin community is extremely important and allows developers to collaborate, network, and discuss issues. This will ultimately keep development moving forward.

If you want to be guaranteed a quality cross-platform product built in as little time as possible, you need a Xamarin Certified Developer.

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